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Over the years, I have been invited to give dozens of sermons and religious talks at a number of churches and religious organizations. This section provides a sample of the sermons and talks that I gave between 1980 and 2021. I have been a member of Manoa Valley Church in Honolulu since 1974, and have been invited to give sermons there more often than anywhere else.


Topics that recur throughout my sermons and religious talks include the Kingdom of God, being in the world but not of the world, servant leadership, the Paradoxical Commandments, the difference between faith and beliefs, and how our faith needs to flow into our deeds. I agree with James that faith without works is dead. It is not enough to worship Christ— we must also do our best to live the way Jesus taught us to live, loving and serving others, and helping the Kingdom of God to break into our world.    


I share these ideas knowing that there are many Christian denominations and creeds. Our faith journeys are not all the same, and our interpretations of Scripture may differ. My goal has been to share what I see, by the light given me, in the hope that what I say may be useful to others in some way. 


These are the sermons and religious talks of a layperson. During my faith journey I have taken theology courses, I have read religious books, I have researched and written religious books, I have listened to sermons, and I have served as the President of two religious universities. However, I am not a Bible scholar, theologian, or licensed minister. I am simply a Christian, a layman, trying to understand Scripture and God’s will for my own life and the life of the body of Christ to which I belong.


In addition to sermons and religious talks, I have published religious books. Click on the book to purchase or download.


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Click on the title to download a PDF copy.


  1. Our Core Beliefs

  2. Faith and Beliefs

  3. Which Bible?

  4. The Second Coming, the End Times, and the Rapture

  5. Worshipping Christ and Following Jesus

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