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I have enjoyed writing since I was in the 5th grade, when I wrote a number of silly skits. My teacher, Mr. Yates, generously allowed me to recruit other students, and he gave us class time to perform the skits. In the 7th grade, I wrote a number of very short stories. In high school, in addition to the assigned term papers and reports, I wrote letters to the editor of the school paper and one of the Honolulu daily newspapers. In college, in addition to writing assignments for my courses, I wrote my first short book, The Silent Revolution: Dynamic Leadership in the Student Council, which included the Paradoxical Commandments. When I attended college in England and studied in Japan, I wrote hundreds of pages of letters home to my family, describing my daily life.    


Over the past fifty years, while I have focused heavily on public speaking, I have continued to write. In addition to books on the Paradoxical Commandments and servant leadership, I have published articles in newspapers, magazines, and law journals, as well as reports and chapters in books. This section of the website provides a sampling of published pieces on a variety of topics in various styles and formats.

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